• Connecting your domain to your website is like adding the final piece to a puzzle, making everything come together perfectly.
  • Building a website is not just about pretty themes, it’s about creating a solid foundation for good marketing analytics.
  • The frustration of a disconnect between digital marketing and data led to the journey of building a strong online presence.
  • Get ready for the excitement and value that comes with building a solid foundation for your social media presence and website! 🚀

Getting Started

In this video, we’re going to connect our domain to our website using WordPress hosting. We’ve purchased our hosting through GoDaddy and have our domain, audience.com, ready to go. After making the connection, we’ll be able to log into WordPress and start building our website.

Connecting the Domain

We start by going into our GoDaddy account and selecting the option to connect our domain to our website. After a few moments, our domain, audience.com, is successfully linked to our hosting. Now, we can log into WordPress and begin the website building process.

Logging Into WordPress

We encounter a minor issue when trying to log into WordPress, but after a few refreshes, we are successfully directed to our WordPress account. Now, everything is set up within WordPress, and we can start preparing to build our website.

Using Elegant Themes

We explore the Divi and Extra themes from Elegant Themes, both of which offer unique layouts and functionalities for website building. We decide to begin with the Divi theme as our primary choice for building our website.

Downloading Themes

We download the Divi theme along with other themes and plugins from Elegant Themes, ensuring that we have everything we need to start creating our website.

Uploading and Activating Themes

After downloading the themes, we upload and activate the Divi and Extra themes within WordPress, ready to customize them for our website.

Building a Foundation for Marketing Analytics

Our aim is not just to build a website but also to create a strong foundation for marketing analytics. By tracking data from our website and social media accounts, we can inform our marketing efforts and make informed decisions.

Wrapping Up

We’ve completed the initial steps for connecting our domain to our WordPress website and setting up the themes. In the next video, we’ll clean up our WordPress account and connect our analytics through Google Tag Manager. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to build our online presence!

| Key Takeaways |
| — |
| – Connecting a domain to a website using WordPress hosting |
| – Exploring and selecting themes from Elegant Themes |
| – Building a foundation for marketing analytics |

These key takeaways will be crucial as we move forward in our website building journey. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to share our progress with you.


Q: Can I use any hosting service for WordPress?
A: Yes, you can use various hosting services, but in this video, we’ve used GoDaddy for our WordPress hosting.

Q: Why did you choose the Divi theme?
A: We chose the Divi theme for its versatility, ease of use, and beautiful design options.


In conclusion, the process of connecting a domain to a WordPress website and setting up themes is just the beginning of our website building journey. We’re excited to continue sharing our progress and providing valuable insights as we dive deeper into building our online presence. Stay tuned for the next video, where we’ll focus on optimizing our WordPress account and implementing analytics for tracking essential data. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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