Creating a test WordPress website is easier than taking a selfie! Whether it’s testing themes or plugins, you’ve got options. You can install locally on your computer, or use for a quick setup. Or why not try WordPress’s own playground? Take your pick, and get testing! 🚀


In this video, K2 Blogging demonstrates how to quickly create a test WordPress website on a Windows computer or mobile device for various testing purposes. The different methods for creating a test WordPress website are Local WP,, and WordPress Playground.

Creating a Test Site with Local WP

[create test site using Local WP:] the software allows for the installation of WordPress on a Windows or Mac computer, with all files stored locally. It provides an efficient way to manage and test a WordPress website.

Test WordPress Website Using

[create test site using] This method allows for the quick creation of a test WordPress website. It is accessible from mobile devices and provides basic administration functionalities.

Testing WordPress Playground

[use of WordPress Playground:] By clicking on the “try WordPress playground” button, a test WordPress website is installed in the browser, providing access to the WordPress dashboard. However, the performance is limited and may be slower due to the browser-based configuration.

Two Days WordPress Test Site with test

[use of test for a quick test site:] This platform promptly creates a demo WordPress website that can be accessed for 48 hours. It offers a fast and efficient way to test themes and plugins before using them on the original website.


In conclusion, different methods of creating a test WordPress website were explored. The methods have their unique features, benefits, and limitations. The choice of method depends on individual requirements and the nature of the website testing needs.

Key Takeaways

| Method | Features |
| Local WP | Provides local installation of WordPress |
| | Quick and accessible test website |
| WordPress Playground | Installs WordPress in the browser |
| test | Creates a demo site for a limited period |


  • What are the different methods to create a test WordPress website?
  • How long does the test test site remain active?
  • Is the Local WP method suitable for long-term use?

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