ActivePieces is like the cool cousin of Zapier – it’s free or almost free and open source. You can download it from GitHub, or get it from AppSumo. With templates, you can automate workflows from WordPress to social media with ease. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s on the way! 🚀 #AutomationMaster

Workflow automation Zapier alternative with free and open source version

If you’re in need of a free or nearly free alternative to Zapier or P, look no further. ActivePieces offers the best of both worlds. With a free open source version available on their GitHub, you have the option to download and install it directly on your computer. For cloud-based access, options like easy panel AWS and GCP are available, though they do come with associated costs. Another option is to purchase the almost free version through App Sumo.

What ActivePieces can do for you

ActivePieces offers a straightforward and user-friendly platform for workflow automation. Whether you choose to install it on your computer or use it in the cloud, the capabilities remain the same. From creating flows to managing connections and team members, it provides everything you need to streamline your processes efficiently.

Key Takeaways:

| Pros | Cons |
| ———– | ———– |
| Free open source version | Cloud-based access can be costly |
| User-friendly interface | Limited branching capabilities |
| Straightforward workflow creation | |

The ActivePieces Interface

Upon logging into your account, you’re met with a simple and basic interface. The main elements include flows, chat bots, connections, and team. Focusing primarily on flows, the platform makes it easy to get started by providing various templates to choose from. In addition, you can also opt to create a flow from scratch to suit your specific needs.

Creating a Flow

To create a new flow, simply click on "new flow" and utilize the available templates or start from scratch. As of now, the platform offers a linear workflow without branching. This means your workflow follows a straight line, from the trigger to various actions, without the option for multiple paths.


  1. Can active pieces be installed for free on my computer?
  • Yes, by accessing their GitHub page, you can download and install the free open source version directly on your computer.

Connecting with Apps

ActivePieces offers seamless integration with a variety of apps, allowing you to streamline your processes effectively. From connecting with WordPress to MailChimp and gravity forms, the platform has a growing list of apps that can be easily integrated into your workflows.

Roadmap and Support

The platform boasts an active community and support system, ensuring that users can find help when needed. Additionally, ActivePieces has a detailed roadmap available on GitHub, outlining the future developments and features that are planned to be included. This demonstrates the commitment to continual improvement and user satisfaction.

In conclusion, ActivePieces provides a user-friendly, free or nearly free workflow automation alternative. With an open source version available for installation on your computer, it offers flexibility and ease of use. While it may have limitations in branching capabilities, it provides a valuable solution for those seeking to automate their workflows efficiently.

If you’re interested in trying out ActivePieces, feel free to check out their affiliate link in the description to support the creator. Additionally, make sure to check out their backup and restore video for WordPress owners, as well as Bjorn’s other channel dedicated to lifetime deals on software.

Keep crushing it with your workflows, and stay tuned for more helpful content from Bjorn at WP Learning Lab!

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