Building block themes is like creating a masterpiece with LEGO bricks 🧱 It’s a juggling act of tech, design, and creativity. We’re on a mission to light up the WordPress community with free themes. Blog themes are the new cool kid on the block, and we’re excited to take you behind the scenes and advocate for their awesomeness! Let’s build together! 🚀


The speaker talks about various technical topics, such as setting up a Mac, troubleshooting lights, and creating a new WordPress theme. They also express excitement for the potential of blog themes and the improvements in WordPress. The speaker emphasizes the importance of collaboration and wants to share more behind-the-scenes content in the future.

Troubleshooting the Lights

The speaker discusses their recent purchase of portable lights and their difficulty in configuring the accompanying app to adjust the light settings. They express frustration and seek advice or assistance on resolving the issue.


| Light Troubleshooting |
| Mini Portable version |
| Difficulty with app |
| Seeking assistance |

Building a Free Theme

The speaker talks about their current project of building a free theme for WordPress, focusing on the potential of blog themes and their contribution to the WordPress community. They also highlight the differences between blog themes and classic themes and express their intention to create a video demonstrating the process of building a blog theme from start to finish.

"I think the 2024 theme was an amazing step into the right direction to give people like a base theme."

Creating Patterns for the New Theme

The speaker describes the details of the new theme they are building, emphasizing its minimal design and the numerous patterns it will feature. They express interest in sharing the process of building these patterns and demonstrate how they are incorporated into page templates.


  • Minimal theme with multiple patterns
  • Plans to showcase pattern building process

The Future of WordPress Collaboration

The speaker shares their enthusiasm for the future of WordPress collaboration tools, particularly in relation to blog themes. They express their desire to advocate for blog themes and provide more behind-the-scenes content to get people excited about the potential of WordPress.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emphasis on blog theme development
  • Excitement for WordPress collaboration tools

Overall, the speaker discusses technical challenges, theme development, and future plans with an optimistic and engaging tone. They express a desire to share more insights and collaborate with the WordPress community.

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