"When it comes to optimizing your website for mobile, think small but mighty! You gotta make sure everything looks good and snazzy on those tiny screens. No room for big text or images hogging the screen. Get the sizing and spacing just right, and you’re golden! 👌"


In today’s digital age, a well-designed website must look good not only on a computer but also on mobile phones. So, how can you optimize your WordPress website for mobile phones? We’ll explain the process in Hindi in this article.

Getting Started with WordPress Dashboard

Once you’ve logged into your WordPress dashboard, click on the "Pages" section to select a page and edit it with Elementor. Here, you’ll find the "Responsive Mode" tab, which allows you to change how your website will be displayed on a smaller device.

Making the Necessary Changes

When working with responsive mode, you can view your text in tablet view or change it to a mobile phone view. You’ll need to make some adjustments to ensure that your text looks good on a smaller screen. You can also modify the line height and text size for better readability.

Optimizing Display for Different Devices

As you make changes to the tablet view, such changes will not affect the desktop version. This gives you the flexibility to modify display settings without impacting the desktop version. Similarly, altering the tablet version won’t impact the mobile version. Therefore, you can modify sizes, gaps, and everything else to better suit mobile phones without affecting other devices.

Customizing Headers and Menus

Some changes, like adjusting the size of your logo or customizing the menu, need to be done within the WordPress customizer. This includes adding an image for the logo, setting the maximum height, and ensuring proper display on smaller screens.

Finalizing Mobile Optimization

After making several changes to your website, it’s important to view your content from a mobile phone to verify everything looks good. Pay attention to the size of your logo and make changes to ensure that it doesn’t affect the proper display of your menu on mobile devices. Lastly, make sure everything is optimized and looking good for the best end-user experience.

Adjusting Styles and Layouts

As you tweak the design elements of your pages, you’ll need to select and edit images, text, and icons to ensure everything displays perfectly on different screen sizes.


Optimizing your WordPress website for mobile devices involves making several adjustments to ensure that your content looks as good on smaller screens as it does on a computer monitor. Luckily, utilizing tools like Elementor makes these tweaks easy and accessible to anyone with a WordPress website.

Key Takeaways

Here’s a quick summary of what we discussed. It’s crucial to ensure that your website works flawlessly on all screen sizes, especially mobile devices. By using responsive mode and customizing various layouts, you can guarantee top-notch user experience.


Q: Can I revert any changes made during mobile optimization?
A: Yes, you can easily undo any changes made without affecting the website’s display on desktop devices.

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