Wix Studio is the community heart of creativity, where designers and developers connect. It’s like a dragon drop web editor, creating a portfolio that feels like a beautiful poster. The site is a homage to print design, using a second layer of hover to showcase work. It’s a space for designers and developers to grow and make connections, making it a valuable and strong community. 💻🎨

Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Exciting Updates
  • AI Integration
  • Community Additions
  • Q&A Discussion


The latest Open Studio event brought together leaders from Wix Studio for an exciting update on the platform’s progress. With a focus on community, creativity, and growth opportunities, the event showcased the dedication to building a strong and valuable space for designers, developers, and marketeers.

Key Takeaways

Community Creativity Growth Opportunities
Constant Learning Building a Strong Culture Revenue Share Opportunities
Collaboration Connecting Professionals
Portfolio Showcase Agency Growth

The event kicked off with Galler M, head of week Studio, highlighting the challenges faced by the community and the driving force behind the future roadmap. The focus is on building a community culture of creativity and connecting professionals to foster growth and creativity.

Exciting Updates

AI Metatag Creator Bing Integration AI Integration
Workflow Management Indexing Automation Zapier Integration

With a keen eye on SEO, Morty, head at Wix, shared recent advancements in AI metatag creation, Bing integration, and the addition of Zapier integration for efficient workflow management.

AI Integration

Next, the discussion turned to the introduction of AI integration and the SEO Center Hub, offering free templates, checklists, and sheets for effective SEO strategies.

Community Additions

CMS Limit Increase Template Revisions Design Capabilities
Premium Quota Flexibility Native Multilingual Support New Development Tools

The focus is on increasing flexibility and capabilities for partners and creators, with a special emphasis on premium quota flexibility and new design tools.

The panelist, including SEO Inside Morty and several community members, took questions from the audience, addressing topics such as revenue share opportunities, certification requirements, and Wix Studio’s plans for 2024.

Q&A Discussion

Revenue Sharing Certification Process Platform Transition
Premium Site Opportunities Studio User Requirements Site History Transition

The Q&A session covered a wide range of topics, from revenue sharing to the transition process for existing sites to Wix Studio.

In conclusion, the Open Studio event showcased the continuous efforts to enhance the Wix Studio platform, provide valuable resources for SEO, and create a vibrant and supportive community for designers, developers, and marketeers.

Please stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events, as we continue to evolve and improve the Wix Studio platform for the ultimate creative experience.

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