Connecting Stripe to your Shopify store is as essential as sprinkles on a cupcake. With Stripe, you can spice up your payment options. It’s as simple as creating a Stripe account, connecting it to Shopify, and voila! You’re all set to rock and roll 🚀. Don’t forget to explore other payment options too, like wire transfer or micro-financing. Cheers to a seamless shopping experience! 🛍️


In this video, we will show you how to connect stripe to your Shopify store.

Creating a Stripe Account

To connect stripe to Shopify, you need to have a stripe account. You can easily sign up for a stripe account on their website and provide basic information such as your name, location, and password.

| Steps to creating a Stripe account |
| 1. Go to |
| 2. Click on "Start now" |
| 3. Provide basic information |
| 4. Choose a password |

Connecting Stripe to Shopify

After creating your stripe account, you can proceed to connect stripe to your Shopify store. First, ensure that your store is public and that you have removed password protection. Then, navigate to the payments section in your Shopify dashboard.

| Steps to connecting Stripe to Shopify |
| 1. Remove password protection |
| 2. Ensure store is public |
| 3. Go to Shopify dashboard |

Adding Payment Method in Shopify

In the payments section of your Shopify dashboard, choose a provider and locate Stripe. If it’s not available in your region, you may need to change your country settings. Once you find stripe, click on it and follow the steps to connect it to your Shopify store.

| Steps to adding Stripe as a payment method |
| 1. Locate the payments section |
| 2. Choose a provider |
| 3. Add Stripe as a payment method |

Verifying and Connecting Accounts

After finding Stripe in your Shopify dashboard, you’ll need to verify and connect your accounts. This process involves providing business location and information and completing basic details to establish the connection.

| Steps to verifying and connecting accounts |
| 1. Provide business location |
| 2. Input basic details for verification |
| 3. Connect your Stripe account |

Adding Custom Payment Methods

In addition to Stripe, Shopify allows you to create custom payment methods such as wire transfers or other local payment options. This can help provide more flexibility for your customers.

| Steps to adding custom payment methods in Shopify |
| 1. Go to manual payment method |
| 2. Add new custom payment method |
| 3. Provide additional details and instructions |


Connecting Stripe to Shopify is a simple process that involves creating a Stripe account, adding it as a payment method in Shopify, and verifying and connecting the accounts. Additionally, Shopify offers the flexibility to create custom payment methods to accommodate various customer preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • To connect Stripe to Shopify, start by creating a Stripe account and then add it as a payment method in your Shopify dashboard.
  • Provide flexibility to customers by creating custom payment methods to accommodate their preferences.

For more helpful tips and tricks on Shopify, be sure to check out our YouTube channel and leave any questions or thoughts in the comments below. We hope this video was valuable to you in your Shopify journey!

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