1. Making money with WordPress is like starting a business – you can freelance or start an agency, do affiliate marketing, or create your own product or service. πŸ’ΌπŸ’°
  2. Mastering plugins and page builders is key to successful affiliate marketing – focus on products that align with your niche. 🎯
  3. Running a business is 80% marketing, 20% product/service – mastering the business side is crucial for success. πŸ“ˆ
  4. Creating valuable content and courses can also generate income while helping others. πŸ“š
  5. Taking breaks when burnt out is necessary, but can be challenging if reliant on income. βΈοΈπŸ’Έ
  6. Overall, making money with WordPress is challenging but rewarding – mastering the business side is crucial for success. 🌟


So you’ve purchased your page Builders and your plugins on probably the lifetime deals or special offers the question is now what so in my opinion there are several ways that you can make money in this case with WordPress I think there are three ways that you can really make money with WordPress.

Freelancing or Starting a Design Agency

The first way to make money with WordPress is by getting started with freelance freelancing or starting a design agency. This is a fantastic option because if you purchase lifetime deals on the plugins or on the page builders that means you can design unlimited websites with your licenses.

| Advantages of Freelancing |
| — |
| – Flexibility in working hours |
| – Opportunity to work on varied projects |
| – Potential to earn a high income |
| – Ability to work from home or anywhere |

Affiliate Marketing

The second way is by doing affiliate marketing. This involves mastering the page builder, plugins, and choosing an area where you want to focus. For example, focusing on making money online or sticking to blogging.

Creating Your Own Product or Service

The third way is creating your own product or service. You can utilize the plugins and page builders to make it easier for your customers to book, purchase, or contact you through your website.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, the next step would be to actually promote these products and in return, you’re going to get a commission. This is a fantastic way of actually making money and it involves creating content teaching people and getting affiliate commissions from the products.

| Tips for Affiliate Marketing |
| — |
| – Choose products relevant to your niche |
| – Create high-quality content around the products |
| – Utilize different channels for promotion |
| – Engage with the audience to build trust |

Challenges and Rewards

Marketing is the most difficult part of making money with WordPress, and it is essential to learn and master marketing skills. It can be challenging and stressful but also highly rewarding especially when you see the positive impact on your audience.


In conclusion, making money with WordPress through freelancing, affiliate marketing, or creating your own product or service requires dedication and time. It’s important to master not only the technical skills but also the marketing and business aspects. These are the ways of making money with WordPress, and it’s a highly rewarding endeavor.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are three main ways to make money with WordPress: freelancing, affiliate marketing, and creating your own product or service.
  • Success in WordPress money-making ventures requires a combination of technical, marketing, and business skills.
  • Marketing is a challenging but essential aspect of making money with WordPress.

Q: Can I make money with WordPress without any technical skills?
A: Yes, by mastering marketing and business skills, you can make money with WordPress.

Thanks for reading. See you in the next one!

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