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In this video session, we will cover interesting topics such as understanding what plugin sub-menus are, how to add them, and how to customize their settings. If you are new to the channel, be sure to hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on more amazing content.

Understanding Sub-Menus

Sub-menus play an integral role in indicating which specific function they represent. They allow us to click through and complete specific user functions within the layout. If we make changes to the settings of our plugin, such as employee management, a form to add employees, and a page listing all employees, these are all split into sub-menus within the concept.

Plugin Development Process

To start, we open our main file, navigate to the WordPress content plugin, and create our custom sub-menus. Instead of calling it a custom plugin menu, we call it the employee management system. Within this system, we can also add and list employees.

Creating Sub-Menus

To create sub-menus, we navigate to the WordPress functions and pass the parameters that allow us to create our sub-menus. The parameters include creating the parent slug, page title, and callback function. After this, we create another sub-menu for adding employees that would be visible only for super administrators.

Callback Function for Sub-Menus

The callback function sets which specific function is executed when a sub-menu is clicked. The plugin menu and the first sub-menu will use the same callback function, whereas the second sub-menu will have a different callback function.


This video provides complete understanding on how to add sub-menus inside our custom plugin menu. Stay tuned for the next video, where we will discuss more interesting topics related to plugin development. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe for more content in the future. Thank you for watching and have a great day!

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