🔥 In this course, I will take you from not knowing how to install WordPress to creating your own custom plugins, all in Hindi. Once you master the basics, creating advanced-level plugins using easy methods will be a piece of cake. So, buckle up and get ready for an amazing journey into WordPress plugin development! 🚀

Development Course Overview

In this complete WordPress plugin development course, we will cover a lot of content, aiming to help you learn and implement the right concepts.

👉 Key Takeaways

Here’s a quick overview of the key points that we’ll be covering in this course:

  • Definition of plugins and their importance in WordPress projects
  • Basic plugin setup and installation process, along with understanding the fields and panels
  • Connecting databases and discussing the introduction of the plugins
  • Understanding the global database object of WordPress
  • Concepts of plugin functionalities, handling menus, and integrating layouts
  • Introduction to shortcodes and their crucial role in WordPress

About the Course

In the first session, we will start with understanding the setup and installation of WordPress and the introduction of plugins.

Basic Plugin Setup

Before we move forward, it’s essential to explore the available methods for installing plugins on existing websites.

Integrating Global Database Object of WordPress

Understanding this concept is crucial as it allows for performing operations on the WordPress database.

Activation and Deactivation Hooks

It’s imperative to comprehend how activation and deactivation hooks work and how they function.

Step-by-Step Learning

We will follow a step-by-step approach to learn and implement each concept. From handling functions to integrating global database objects and utilizing activation hooks, we will cover a range of essential concepts in this course.

Course Completion

By completing this entire course and implementing every video’s content correctly, you will be able to create advanced level plugins using basic concepts with ease.


I hope these sessions help you gain a deeper understanding of plugin development. Make sure not to miss out on any of these videos to fully comprehend and implement concepts in your plugin development journey.

Thank you for watching and have a great day!

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