Documentation doesn’t have to be boring anymore, thanks to weDocs. With this WordPress plugin, you can create stunning product documentation. The AI chat feature is a game-changer, answering user questions and saving you time and money. Plus, it’s super affordable at only $7.99 per month. Say goodbye to boring docs and hello to weDocs! 🚀


Let’s face it, documentations are usually pretty boring, but with weDocs, that doesn’t have to be the case. weDocs is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create great looking documentation for your products and organize them beautifully on your site. Writing new documentation is as easy as installing their free plug-in, and if you want more features, the premium version is available for a lifetime license at only $119.

Getting Started with weDocs

To get started, you simply need to install the weDocs plugin and you can start creating your documentation right away. The plugin allows you to create different documentations and organize them in a specific order that suits your needs. You can even arrange the sections and articles within each documentation to provide a seamless experience for your users.

Creating Sections and Articles

Once you have created your documentation, you can start adding sections and articles to cover various topics related to your products or services. This allows you to provide comprehensive information for your users, making it easier for them to find exactly what they need. The ability to customize the order and content of your documentation gives you complete control over the user experience.

Customizing the AI Chatbot

One of the best features of weDocs is the AI chatbot, which helps visitors find answers to their questions within your documentation. You have the option to customize the placement, appearance, and functionality of the chatbot to match your website’s branding and style. The AI chatbot is available for a small monthly fee but provides great value by assisting your users without the need for additional support staff.

Additional Features and Settings

In addition to the AI chatbot, weDocs offers various customization options for the appearance and functionality of your documentation. From color palettes to display styles, you can tailor the documentation to align with your brand’s aesthetics. Furthermore, you can manage permissions and receive helpful feedback directly from users, allowing you to continuously improve the quality of your documentation.


weDocs provides a simple and effective solution for creating and managing documentation for your WordPress website. With features like customizable AI chatbots, comprehensive section and article organization, and additional customization settings, weDocs offers a seamless experience for both creators and users of documentation. Whether you offer web hosting, graphic design, or any other services, weDocs can help you present your information in an engaging and professional manner.

Key Takeaways

  • weDocs allows you to create great looking documentation for your products and services.
  • The AI chatbot feature provides automated assistance to users and can be customized to match your website’s branding.
  • The plugin offers comprehensive customization options for the appearance and functionality of your documentation.
  • Managing sections and articles within weDocs gives you complete control over the organization and layout of your documentation.
  • User feedback and permissions management are built-in features that help you improve the quality of your documentation.


  • Q: Does weDocs support multi-language documentation?
    • A: Yes, weDocs has support for creating multilingual documentation to cater to a global audience.
  • Q: Can I integrate weDocs with my existing WordPress theme?
    • A: Yes, weDocs is designed to seamlessly integrate with most popular WordPress themes for a cohesive user experience.
  • Q: How frequently are new features and updates released for weDocs?
    • A: The weDocs team periodically releases updates with new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance the plugin’s functionality.

Now you have all the information you need to create great looking documentation for your WordPress website using weDocs. Whether you’re offering products, services, or information, weDocs can help you present it in an engaging and professional manner.


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