Rental Hive: The ultimate theme for your vacation rental website. With complete booking system, multivendor functionality, and easy monetization, it’s the whole package 🏠💰. No need for extra purchases, just plug and play. Plus, get premium support and extensions included for $89. Get ready to take your rental website to the next level!

Best Vacation Rental WordPress Themes Like Vrbo With WordPress

In this video we handpick the most popular WordPress themes that allow you to create a vacation rental website hassle-free and without any coding knowledge.

Rental Hive

Rental Hive is the First theme on our list it’s an all-in-one rental Marketplace theme that is suitable for building booking websites of any type including vacation rental platforms.

| Features | Benefits |
| ——– | ————————————————— |
| Complete booking system | Hassle-free booking for users |
| Marketplace functionality | Turn your vacation rental website into a multivendor platform |
| Google Maps integration | Location-based search enabled |

Rental Hive comes with all the necessary features for launching a vacation rental website right out of the box. It is highly customizable by Design such as adding Unlimited listing categories and create custom fields and search filters without any coding knowledge.


The next vacation rental WordPress theme that we’d like to show you is Belleview. It’s a modern theme with many useful features you may need when creating a vacation rental website.

| Features | Benefits |
| ——– | ————————————————— |
| Built-in booking system | Smooth, hassle-free booking for clients |
| Dynamic seasonal pricing | Advanced Property Search for users |
| Includes WordPress hotel booking plugin | Essential functionality at your disposal |

Now, let’s take a look at another popular vacation rental theme called Villa Joe as the name suggests the theme was specially designed for websites that rent out Villas or guest houses. It has a lot of useful features for building a vacation rental platform and some of them include a complete booking management system, seasonal pricing, availability calendar, revenue and booking stats, and custom search filters. However, please note that this theme cannot be used for building vacation rental marketplaces since it lacks multivendor functionality.


The next theme on our list is Homie. It’s a modern and comprehensive booking theme for creating vacation rental websites. Homie comes with essential booking functionality including some great features like nightly and hourly bookings, a reservations management system, time slots, and instant bookings which makes it a suitable choice for creating multivendor platforms.

WP Rentals

WP rentals is probably the most popular vacation rental WordPress theme on theme forest however it’s not only suitable for building property websites you can also use it to create a rental Marketplace for any Niche except for the essential features like an availability calendar or location-based Search the theme comes with a unique booking system that allows you to enable the instant booking mode turn on the time slots option offer some optional extras and set custom prices per period.

We hope this video was helpful to you and now you have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of each theme so it’s easier to pick the one for your rental website. If you are looking for a vacation rental WordPress theme suitable for building both single vendor websites and multivendor Rental platforms you may consider using rental Hive. It’s an all-in-one rental theme with all the necessary features out of the box, so you can just plug in play.

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